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Sunny Side Up

Sunny Side Up

Written and directed by Val Lieske

When does life begin? And who determines that; your doctor, your priest, your mother? Frank and Johanne were desperate to have kids, but now they may just have a few too many.

A new full-length play for the pro-lifer, the pro-choicer and the vegan.

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April 30 – May 4, 2014

7:30pm nightly Wednesday to Saturday

2:00pm matinee Saturday & Sunday

Engineered Air Theatre / Epcor Centre
for the Performing Arts

200 block of 9 Avenue SEParking Info

TICKETS: $20–$25

Call: 403-640-4617 or purchase online:

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Subway Stations of the Cross

Subway Stations of the Cross

Written and performed by Ins Choi

A performance of songs and spoken words that ventures through the mind of a homeless vagabond into the heart of God.

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October 2 – 6, 2013

Here Breaks the Heart:
The Loves of Christina Rossetti

Here Breaks the Heart: The Loves of Christina Rossetti

By Diane Tucker
Directed by Mark Lewandowski

Christina lives in a time and place where being a passionate, ambitious poet and a devout Victorian gentlewoman are considered mutually exclusive. She struggles with the creative freedom her bohemian brother enjoys and the certainty that Christian faith gives her pious sister. Can she have both what her society expects of her and what her unruly heart demands?

November 6 – 10, 2013



By Andrew Torry
Directed Barrett Hileman

Hester enjoys a loving relationship with her family…until a secret revealed turns her into the black sheep of the family. When her sister calls on her in a time of need, Hester has two choices: wash her hands of the family she loves, or sacrifice herself for a sister who shuns her.

Badger, is a one-woman performance featuring the story of a young Calgarian every-woman named Hester. Hester has a solid upbringing in a conservative evangelical Christian family, where her childhood revolved around two passions: her love for her sister/best friend Charity, and her love of nature. Her love of nature drove her to the biology and education program at the University of Alberta, where she became involved in a relationship with a young man named Jaime Badger examines the complicated relationship between Hester and her sister Charity, and the impact our response to other people's moral choices has on the people who have made them.

Theme of forgiveness and abortion tackled in Christian play – Calgary Hearld

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