Hope. Challenge. Change. Telling Stories That Matter.

Season 19

Like you, we wait.
We are closely watching our world and awaiting word from our health experts and leaders as to when we can gather again.
We are preparing to be together safely, and hopefully, soon.

Show: Past Tense Show: This Random World Show: Mary Jane

We will postponing, Past Tense and This Random World, with plans to move them to our next season.

We would like to thank the crew ofPast Tense:
Scott Evans, Jennifer Behie-Ratzlaff, Jennifer Arsenault, Kacie Killaly

As well as the cast and crew ofThis Random World:
Mark Lewandowski, Frances MacDonald, Carrie Hamilton, Chad Blain, Kai Hall, Emma Knox, Kim Johnson, Kacie Killaly, Jamie Matchullis, Griffin Cork, Daniel Kim, Wendy Froberg, Heidi MacDonald, Anna Dalgleish, Conrad Hild, Alixandra Cowman

If you purchased Season Tickets our Box Office Team will contact you shortly with details around your refund.

About Us

Fire Exit Theatre

Hope. Challenge. Change.
Telling Stories That Matter.

Fire Exit Theatre is a community theatre company whose aim is to artistically explore the world with HOPE as a focus, to CHALLENGE believers and unbelievers alike, to make choices to CHANGE. Our members come from every denomination, background and walk of life.

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