Hope. Challenge. Change. A new kind of theatre.

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Fire Exit Theatre

Fire Exit Theatre, Art Director & Technical Director

Hope. Challenge. Change
A new kind of theatre.

Fire Exit Theatre is a community theatre company whose aim is to artistically explore the world with HOPE as a focus, to CHALLENGE believers and unbelievers alike, to make choices to CHANGE. Our members come from every denomination, background and walk of life.

Announcing the 14th Season at Fire Exit Theatre.

The Story of Us…

A wide variety of people are involved in making each show happening – from actors to stage managers to costume designers – each one is critical to making each show happen. We are thankful for each one’s generous contribution.

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Season 14


“Every story of conversion is a story of blessed defeat."

C.S. Lewis is smug in his convictions about God and His plan for the world until Joy Davidson and her young son enter his life and the bewildered theoretician of love in the abstract finally confronts its direct presence. And how does he reconcile his belief in a benevolent God with pain and suffering?

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May 12 – 22, 2016

7:30pm nightly Wednesday to Saturday

2:00pm matinee Saturday & Sunday

Engineered Air Theatre at the Arts Commons

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