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How the World Began

How the World Began

Written by Catherine Trischmann
Directed by Mark Lewandowski

Faith and science collide in a small room when a science teacher from Manhattan starts work in a small rural Kansas town that's been ripped apart by a tornado. When one of her pupils – Micah – takes offence at an off-the-cuff remark about how life on Earth began, Susan is thrown into an ethical firestorm about evolution and creation.

A thoughtful, compassionate drama.


Talk Amongst Yourselves...

We hope that How the World Began sparked a bunch of new thoughts and maybe even brought up some questions for you. We don't want the conversation to end in the lobby. We want you to keep talking; in the car, in the coffee shop, and around the kitchen table. So here are some questions to help guide your discussions (PDF). Get talking!

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February 1 – 5, 2017

7:30pm nightly Wednesday to Saturday

2:00pm matinee Saturday & Sunday

Engineered Air Theatre at the Arts Commons
200 block of 9 Avenue SEParking Info

TICKETS: $20–$25

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