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Falling: A Wake

Falling: A Wake

A presentation of Chemainus Theatre Festival

Written by Gary Kirkham
Directed by Mark DuMez

One starry night the body of a young man, still strapped into his airplane seat, falls from the sky into the yard of Harold and Elsie’s farm. As the night unfolds, their mysterious guest effects a profound transformation in his hosts.

Falling: A Wake is a haunting and surprisingly funny play about love, loss, and the redemptive power of letting go.

* Content Warning – Strong Language
Please note the change of theatre.


Chemainus Theatre Festival      Lantern Church

This presentation takes place at the Lantern Community Church located at
1401 10th Avenue SE, Calgary, AB.

Talk Amongst Yourselves...

We hope that Falling: A Wake sparked a bunch of new thoughts and maybe even brought up some questions for you. We don't want the conversation to end in the lobby. We want you to keep talking; in the car, in the coffee shop, and around the kitchen table. So here are some questions to help guide your discussions (PDF). Get talking!

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November 23 – 27, 2016

7:30pm nightly Wednesday to Sunday

2:00pm matinee Sunday

Lantern Community Church
1401 10th Avenue SE
Please note the change of theatre.

TICKETS: $20–$25

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