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Sarah & The Dinosaur

Sarah & The Dinosaur

"A play about a girl, her cancer, and a dinosaur."

Not your typical cancer play. Sarah & The Dinosaur is an unorthodox, funny, heartbreaking, and honest narrative of one woman and her journey with a cancer; that comes to her in the form of a dinosaur. It wants to leave, but it’s so hungry. Sarah fights her Dinosaur and struggles to make peace with what it means to live with terminal cancer.

By Ingrid de Sanctis
Directed by Mark Lewandowski

Talk Amongst Yourselves...

We hope that Sarah & the Dinosaur sparked a bunch of new thoughts and maybe even brought up some questions for you. We don't want the conversation to end in the lobby. We want you to keep talking; in the car, in the coffee shop, and around the kitchen table. So here are some questions to help guide your discussions. Get talking!

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February 3 – 7, 2016

7:30pm nightly Wednesday to Saturday

2:00pm matinee Saturday & Sunday

Engineered Air Theatre at the Arts Commons
200 block of 9 Avenue SEParking Info

TICKETS: $20–$25

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